A comprehensive program covering all aspects of puppy development and training. Classes are crafted to support you through all stages of puppyhood, including what to do before your puppy comes home! Classes are taught by experienced, trainers using Reward, Choice Based Training. #Positive

Preparing for Puppy Class: Have you adopted or purchased a puppy but don't have them yet? Or are you not sure what type of puppy and temperament is right for you? In our prep class, we cover everything you need to know before bringing your puppy home. We also can help you decide what type of puppy is right for you and your family’s lifestyle. Topics include environment proofing, transporting strategies, nutrition, enrichment items, crate training/house training, meeting other dogs/people, vaccinations, and more.

Cost: Free with a purchase of Puppy Preschool Class registration. This is a thirty-minute consultation at the Salida Store that will answer all your questions and prepare you for the successful integration of a puppy into your life. Register Here

Puppy Pre-School Class: For 9–15-Week-old puppies, our flagship 4-week class. Puppy will learn recall to name, walk on leash, moving attention to owner, ignoring distractions in the environment, develop strong eye contact with owner, sit in front, & healthy play with a matched puppy based on temperament, size & energy. We will also discuss hot topics such as crate training, biting/chewing, best practices in public, and more!

Cost: $99. A 4-week consecutive class for 30 minutes. MAX four puppies per class.
Register Here

1.Owner is the most admired & trusted thing in the puppy’s eyes.
2.Puppy to be extremely connected to you with intense eye contact and a strong desire to work with you.
3.Confident & able to accept new thing, ne sounds, and is comfortable on all surfaces.
4.Structured socialization to prevent reactivity and other behavior issues.
5.Owners learn to be the best Guardian for their puppy.

What to Bring:
1. Puppy’s Food – bring their lunch portion to use for rewards (puppies should eat 3 meals a day until they are six months old)
2. Special Treats – easily digestible MOIST treats
3. Treat pouch or a jacket with pockets in them to easily dispense from
4. 6’ Leash and puppy on a collar or harness (harnesses are a better option for puppies as their trachea is very weak)
5. Shot records – puppies need at least 1 round of shots to attend Puppy Preschool

Before you come inside the facility: Please walk your puppy outside for a chance to potty in the back of the building.

Who can come: Preferably one person to train the puppy, you must PRE-Register before attending! Register Here

In the meantime check out Master Puppy Training in Record Time, a FREE E-Book by Laura Bussing, CPDT-KA, CCFT, FP-MT

ASVAB Position Statement on Puppy Socialization

AVMA Position Statement on Puppy Socialization

Once your puppy has reached 14 weeks of age, you are invited to enroll in our award-winning Obedience for the Real-World Classes -Register Here

All Puppy Classes are at the Salida Location.
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