Policies for Grooming  

For the safety of all – people and pets alike – all dogs must be on a leash when entering the Store.
All cats must be in a carrier.

Proof of Rabies Vaccination is required and no exceptions will be made. Your pet’s Rabies Vaccination Certificate only is considered as proof (tags do not show names or dates). Rabies Vaccination for pets is required by State Law and County Regulation. Also, any business must have proof to meet OSHA Regulations and Insurance requirements. In the event you are unable to locate your certificate, Gone to the Dogs will make every effort to contact your Veterinarian to confirm vaccination. In addition, vaccination for leptospiroses, and kennel cough are strongly encouraged for the safety of your pet.

Your scheduled appointment is considered a contract for services, therefore, we kindly request the courtesy of 24-hour notice if your appointment must be cancelled or changed. If you are unable to give 24-hour notice, please call us as soon as possible – we can often fill your appointment space from our waiting list.

If an appointment space is reserved for your pet and no one arrives for that scheduled appointment, a $40 no-show fee will be charged to your credit card.

We provide courtesy confirmation calls  and texts on the business day prior to your scheduled appointment.

In the event any client arrives 15 or more minutes late for a scheduled appointment, we reserve the right to re-schedule your pet to the next available appointment opening. Your pet will be placed in a safe & comfortable space to wait for that opening.

Drop-off & Pick-up:
Your pet’s arrival should be at your scheduled appointment time unless prior arrangements have been made.

Your pet companion should be picked up within one hour of completion of grooming. If this is not possible please call and consider a time to schedule grooming appointments when you will be available to pick up your pet promptly. If somone other than the owner of the pet is dropping off or picking up, the staff must be notified prior to the appointment. A late pick-up fee may be applied.

A fee of $25 per hour will be charged after closing time.

Senior Dogs:
Older dogs can be very fragile and grooming can be an exhausting process for them.  They often have difficulty standing, seeing and hearing that requires a longer groom time with frequent breaks.  Due to their delicate physical nature, we require that owners of very Senior Dogs stay for grooming.  This will allow your dog to be more comfortable and more safe as you hold your dog for the groomer.  If at any time we feel the grooming process is causing too much stress for your dog, we will stop what we are doing. The dog's overall health and stress level are taken into account during the entire groom process. 
A general guideline would be:  Small Dogs over 13-14 years and Large dogs over 12-13

Special Handling:
Special handling fees may occasionally become necessary, as we are dealing with animals. Circumstances when Gone to the Dogs must charge additional fees could be with in-tact males, a puppy’s first grooming, aggressive behavior, females in heat, unexpected illness, conditions discovered during grooming that require a trip to the veterinarian, or other conditions that require additional labor. We will always notify our clients when Special Handling fees are required.

We do groom cats to the extent that they will allow it without hurting themselves or us.  We require that all cat owners stay for their grooming.

Thank you for your consideration and professional courtesy in these business matters!
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